CALISTA Insights

Flexible and open data software to tap on for market and business insights

Flexible middleware serving business needs for traders, procurement houses, investment professionals and financial institutions around the world, providing instant access to trade, logistics, freight data that businesses can use for insights.

The platform provides a full suite of REST APIs to integrate into your own services.

Global trade data at your fingertips
Derive further insights through alternative data
Gain a competitive advantage through assessing your ecosystem
Outperform your competitors through data-driven methodology

Rapid Integration

Seamlessly fit APIs into any client workflows and configure based on user-defined specifications

Ever-growing eco-system

We partner with other data service providers to give you an extensive global coverage of data sources

Access to decades of trade logistics data

We are expertise in trade domain for more than 30 years

Cost Transparency

Current and past usage can be seen on a user and company level

Our data, recipe for extensive business use cases.

Customize request for data to suit your business use cases.

Facilitate KYB process
Credit risk assessment and risk analytics
Compliance and Surveillance
And many more…