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Food and Beverage

End to end ~24 hours

Loan Size: US$100k | Tenure: 1% 30 days


End to end ~36 hours

Loan Size: US$3.5k | Tenure: 1% 30 days


End to end ~24 hours

Loan Size: US$100k | Tenure: 1% 30 days


End to end ~48 hours

Loan Size: US$50k Tenure: 0.94% 30 days

Why choose CALISTA Finance?


Our Product CALISTA Finance Bank
Amount As little as S$500 $100,000
Interest Fee 0.8%-1.5% 0.8%-1.5%
Tenure Normally 30-90 days At least 6 months
Collateral No Yes
Processing Time Secured loan in 72 hours 7-14 days
Customer Service 24/7 Slow response



We provide the finest Indian Muslim Food Experience to our customers. We provide our customers with high standards of culinary excellence, whilst preserving Indian Muslim Culture and Tradition. With funds from CALISTA Finance, I can manage work capital requirement for supplies.
Compare with other financiers Calista’s process fast & efficiently.
The team is very friendly & clarifies all my doubts patiently.
Venkat, Director, Veera Foods Pte Ltd
CALISTA finance transformed my business. Last time I was worried about cash flow, now I just use them and most of my cashflow problems are done. The online application process is fast and straight-forward. They are faster than banks. It was much easier as compared to my previous experiences.
Chee Swee Boon, Director, F&B Distributor, Fruityd
Introducing Mediterranean wellness into our daily life.  Botana &Tea was born with the mission to introduce the wonderful Mediterranean wellness to our daily life, starting from premium, artisanal and organic products from Greece. We advocate whole food, non-industrialized food, less GMO food, non-mass production, environmental friendly farming products.  We aim to educate everyone the high-quality Greek products by understand the country, the culture and food. We work with small to medium size family-run organic producers to established cooperatives, to bring to everyone all the wonderful high-quality products from Greece. Savour the taste of Greece today.
How you utilise funds from Calista Finance for your business
I have used the funds to help me to finance my new stock before I received my payment from clients.
What is your experience with Calista Finance team?
It has been excellent. The team is very responsive, extremely helpful to answer all the questions, approval of funds was very fast. Everything is almost seamless compared to traditional bank services. I will recommend their service to anyone who is looking for Invoice financing. Thank you to the excellent team for assisting me when I needed the funds very urgently.
Nicole, founder of Botana&Tea, First-Connect Management Services
Calista finance has helped my company secure 1-month duration, short-term (1k – 10k) invoice financing loans. The interest rate is lower as compared to the other financial institutions in the similar tier (just slightly behind the local banks). This has helped my company with cash flow during the covid 19 periods. My company is in the MICE industry and is very much affected during the pandemic. The customer support team is responsive and provided outstanding timely help even on the weekend, so I recommend working with them.
Raph, Business Director, Chagall 3D Advertising Pte Ltd
I was able to receive the financing amount in my bank within 24 hours of sending the application. CALISTA finance, the most automated financing, expands my business rapidly.
Tristan Ng, CEO, F&B Distributor, Suncrop
Due to Covid-19, we started a new e-commence department in mid of 2020 selling mainly children educational toys and home living products. We are introduced to Calista Finance through Shopee. Since we are new in e-commence, we thought it was impossible to get any financial support from them. We were surprised they reply us in just less than 48 hrs that our application was approved and the fund was dispersed into our account within 72hrs. With Calista finance, they help to give our company better cash flow in both ordering inventories and daily operating expenses. The entire team is very supportive and responsive. We have great experiences with them and strongly recommend any type of company from start-up to SME to try their services. For any business, a good relationship with a trusted financial institution is key to success, Calista Finance is one that you can trust.
Jack Managing Director, Intrillion Pte Ltd
I would highly recommend Calista finance company. I have been using their service for about a year and they are indeed very efficient and helpful processing in timely matter. With your support, we are able to gain real-time visibility into our customer debt and follow up on unpaid invoices if necessary.
Shantel, Director, Reliable International Freights Pte Ltd


Invoice Financing refers to the loaning of funds against the outstanding account receivables. Usually, the Invoice Financing company will pay for up to 80% of the value of the invoice, in a form of Loan or Line Of Credit. Upon receiving payment from your clients. You will then pay the lender back the amount loaned with a one time fee of 1% and interest as low as 1%.

  • Get early payment on your outstanding invoices.
  • Unlock your cashflow to expand your business.

After issuing an invoice to the buyer, the SME can submit the verified invoice to Calista. Once approved, Calista will pay SMEs up to 80% of the invoice amount. After the buyer pays Calista by the invoice due date, we will send the balance after deducting the interest payable to SME.

  • Apply online
    Get a quote and submit your documents online in minutes.

  • Wait for assessment
    Our team assess your submitted documents and approve the application

  • Disburse
    If approved, we will email you loan documents for your signature. Funds will be disbursed shortly after.

  • Registered on ACRA
  • Minimum 30% shareholding by a Singapore Citizen or permanent Resident Director
  • At least 6 months of operating history
  • Minimum annual turnover of S$300,000
CALISTA will analyze your creditability from both financial performance and trade behaviors. This allow us to have a more comprehensive view on your creditability. Hence, even your liquidity is not strong enough, we still can extend you the offer when our algorithm shows you rating high based on your previous trade pattern. Given these reasons, we will able to help and fund more SMEs.


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  • Interest Rates at 0.8%-1.5% monthly
  • Tenures of 30, 60, 90 days
  • Only ACRA, bank statements & invoice(s) required
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