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Addressing financing needs of the global logistics community with cheaper, better payment, trade finance and insurance solutions.

About us

CALISTA Finance is an open and interoperable platform revolutionizing financial services for the B2B community.

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CALISTA Finance provides services to:


Cross-border payout currencies


Platform users


Insurance Types

Pay quickly with transparent rates

Upload an invoice and make payment to 22 countries!
Choose your preferred payment provider with transparent fees.


Quick financing at your fingertips

Select the type of financing and upload supporting documents.
Get instant quotations from our registered financiers!


Apply to insurance within the same working day

Select your preferred insurance quotation and complete your application all within the same working day!


CALISTA Finance provides a greater optimization to value-add your supply chain process

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2 Minutes Sign-up
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the first B2B financing experience that combines supply chain processes with highly sought-after financing services.

Currently supporting bank-to-bank transfer; Expanding towards cards and wallet payments as well.
Connected to existing CALISTA logistics systems.
Receive frequent rebate and voucher codes to give you greater savings!

What challenges will be faced when doing a cross-border payment?

Performing cross-border payments can incur multiple “hidden” costs and can be very costly. FX rates fluctuates very often and customers usually bears the brunt. In addition, providers can charge mark-up transfer fees. Most users are unaware of these costs and end up paying more.

What makes us different from other payment providers?

Calista Finance is a platform that helps to aggregate information from multiple payment providers. This is to introduce a frictionless and transparent payment to our users.

What financing options are there?

We work with multiple financial institutions to provide quotations on up to 12 types of financing applications. Examples of financing we provide are:

    • Business/SME loans
    • AP/AR financing (e.g. invoice, purchase order, prepayment)
    • Credit Line
    • Working capital financing

What types of insurance can I apply for?

We work with providers to provide transactional marine cargo insurance. You can also get quotations for other types of insurance, not limiting to towage insurance, travel insurance, ship repairer’s legal liability.

Revolutionize the way you run your processes

Our partners' testimonials

``This partnership between MoolahGo and GeTS makes a lot of sense because our two companies share a common philosophy of creating an open platform to connect market participants directly and to establish a frictionless economy. Payment is one of the most important factors in the supply chain equation. Getting payments right may mean beating your competitors in cargo clearance and therefore demand fulfillment. Getting it wrong on the other hand, may result in delayed shipment and lost opportunities. Although it sounds simple, cross-border payments can be as complex as shipping goods across borders.``
John Hakim,
CEO, MoolahGo
``We are excited to support the digitalisation of trade financing solutions within the shipping, logistics and freight forwarding industry through our partnership with GeTS. SMEs within the shipping and logistics industry face significant challenges in accessing financing support. As the trade industry digitises, other areas of the ecosystem including finance solutions need to keep pace – Finaxar and GeTS are in complete alignment in our goals to streamline processes and increase efficiency through technology. By availing our solutions on CALISTA™, we will be able to reach out to more SMEs and help them grow faster with technology.``
Dr Tan Sian Wee
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Finaxar
``By enhancing the platform and adding on more payment and financing options, CALISTATM Finance has great potential to support SMEs in their business ambitions. We look forward to co-creating more innovative solutions for Calista's users across the world.``
Ms. Joyce Tee,
Group Head of SME Banking, DBS Bank

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